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  1. Italy

    What I know about Italy

  2. Nuit Blanche Parisienne 2019

    Un peu de vélo sur le périphérique parisien à l'occasion de la nuit blanche 2019

  3. La Bible Du Vélotafeur

    Vélo + taf = vélotaf <3

  4. I Was Born In 2100

    A Short Essay

  5. Supporting Internet Explorer 11 in 2019

    Following the recent publication of A Conspiracy To Kill IE6, we at Doctolib thought we’d in turn unveil our plan to stop supporting not only Internet Explorer 11 but also other outdated desktop…

  6. Workout


  7. From a second hand regular black bike to a fully customized singlespeed bike

    Customizing my bike

  8. Music

    Stuff about music

  9. A Good Manager

    Who I think a good manager should be

  10. Regaining control over frontend

    Doctolib has been growing rapidly over the past 5 years, as has our code base. We have been able to deliver numerous features in a timely manner, but oftentimes at the expense of code legibility and…

  11. Spain

    What I know about Spain

  12. Hope

    Sparkles of hope

  13. Pollution Urbaine

    Divers éléments de vérité sur l'état de l'air que nous respirons, notamment à Paris

  14. Riding A Bike In Paris

    I just bought a bike. Here's to a whole new life!

  15. The Way I Work

    My daily routine to focus and remain productive

  16. Things To Do In Paris

    The list of things to do in Paris I usually share with friends

  17. How To Find Differences Between Two Directories On Linux

    Different ways to diff two folders

  18. Germany

    What I know about Germany

  19. Portugal

    My advice about Portugal

  20. Damn World

    Everything wrong with this world

  21. On Storing Passwords In A Safe Way

    My journey towards increased security

  22. RxJS

    Cheatsheet for RxJS

  23. Video Editing on Linux

    How to edit videos on Linux

  24. Finland

    Finland, land of lakes and forests

  25. Domain Names

    Where to buy domain names

  26. The Netherlands

    What's so great about the Netherlands

  27. Ruby and Ruby on Rails from scratch

    How to learn Ruby and Rails

  28. Ireland

    My advice about Ireland

  29. Belgium

    What I know about Belgium and my recommendations

  30. The Happy Life

    How to live a happy life

  31. Scary Future

    Technologies that make the future scary

  32. Remote Working

    Resources on remote working

  33. Hiring Interviews

    What to ask during a hiring interview

  34. Disabling Voicemail

    How to disable your voicemail

  35. Open Offices

    Open offices are a pain in the ass

  36. Slack

    Slack is evil

  37. A Sedentary Life

    Sitting is the new smoking

  38. Air Purifying Houseplants

    How to purify air using houseplants... or how to pretend you breath purified air.

  39. Millennials

    An inspirational video about millennials

  40. Looking For An Apartment In Paris

    My advice for apartment seekers in Paris

  41. Casting To Chromecast On Linux

    How to cast media files to Chromecast from Linux

  42. How To Reinstall Deleted Packages On Linux

    A few commands to repair and reinstall deleted packages on Linux

  43. VLC 3.0

    How to install VLC 3.0 beta on Debian/Ubuntu

  44. Emotions

    Weird emotions

  45. Fasting

    Why fasting is good for you

  46. A Web Project in 2017

    Random stuff about a project I will probably never carry out

  47. Managing One's Time

    6 laws about time

  48. How To Repair A Laptop Charger

    How I replaced my defective laptop charger

  49. Open Source

    Resources for open source projects

  50. Living In The USA: Visa, Insurance, SSN, and Taxes

    Everything one needs to know before applying for a visa in the US

  51. Nginx

    Nginx is cool!

  52. Living In The USA: Skiing

    Two days spent skiing in the US!

  53. How To Welcome An Intern

    Internships are great opportunities to learn. Let's make both parties - the intern and the company - happy by applying a few rules of thumb.

  54. Favorite Movies

    My all time favorite movies. Or some of them.

  55. My Travel List

    Places I want to visit.

  56. Living In The USA

    My life in the USA since I moved there in January 2017.

  57. Books

    Books I have read

  58. Meat and Dairy Products

    A bunch of links in favor of lesser comsumption of meat and dairy products.

  59. Vim Tricks

    A few tricks for Vim that I have learned over all my years of using this incredible tool.

  60. TV Sucks

    What I think of television

  61. Social Media Are Not Worth Your Time

    What I think about most social media

  62. Hong-Kong

    My advice about traveling to Hong-Kong

  63. England

    What to do and see in England

  64. The USA

    My advice about the USA

  65. Political Notes

    Thoughts about politics

  66. Airlines

    Recommendations and advice for travelers

  67. Architectures

    A bunch of resources about architectures

  68. Japan

    My trip to Japan

  69. Travels: tips and tricks

    Recommendations and advice for travelers

  70. My RSS Subscriptions

    The RSS feeds I subscribed to.

  71. How To Modify PDF Files

    On to extract/edit/merge pages from one or several PDF files

  72. Google Independence

    Resources to be Google-independent

  73. Fixing My Life

    How I fixed my life

  74. My Dream Laptop

    The specs of my dream laptop

  75. Using Vim with SSH

    How to edit and compile files on a remote server

  76. South Korea

    My exchange program in South Korea

  77. Raspberry Pi: The Ultimate Guide

    A complete tutorial about how to create a home server using a Raspberry Pi

  78. Migrating From Xubuntu To Debian

    How to install Debian 8

  79. Copy Pasting In Tmux And Vim

    How to copy and paste with Tmux and Vim

  80. Tips For FFMPEG

    A few tips with FFMPEG

  81. Fonts, Typefaces And The History Of UTF-8

    Everything about character encodings, fonts and typefaces

  82. Yes, Privacy Matters

    Regarding privacy, get the right tools and build a powerful computer, with a Linux-based OS

  83. Mastering GNU/Linux

    Everything you have ever wanted to know about GNU/Linux

  84. The Art Of Writing

    How to write reports, CVs, cover letter, the proper way, with the most perfectly suited tool, LaTeX.

  85. Learning A Foreign Language

    My process I went through to learn a foreign language, English. And some tips.

  86. Hacking

    A handful of useful commands about hacking

  87. React

    A quick introduction to React.js

  88. Carrying Out A Web Project

    Resources for web projects

  89. Embracing Java

    Java is cool! Here are some useful resources.

  90. Developing For Android

    Resources for Android development

  91. Machine Learning And AI

    Resources about machine learning and AI

  92. Android, iOS: What Alternatives?

    What alternatives do we have to Android and iOS? How to install Firefox OS and Ubuntu for devices.

  93. Resources For Databases

    Useful links when working with databases

  94. Introduction To Functional Programming

    What is functional programming, some resources and how to start painlessly

  95. JavaScript

    Why Javascript is the new hotness

  96. Documentation

    Resources related to documentation

  97. Designing An Efficient REST API

    How to write beautiful and efficient REST APIs

  98. Continuous Integration

    Why you should embrace continuous integration and how

  99. Understanding The Memory

    Understanding how memory works

  100. How To Give A Good Presentation

    Some piece of advice about how to give good presentations

  101. Git

    All about Git

  102. The TV series I watch

    Some of the best TV series in the last decade

  103. I Want To Be A More Efficient Developer

    A few tips for Software Engineers and a brief sum-up about an excellent talk from Quentin Adam

  104. (Re)Learn A Programming Language Quickly

    Need to (re)learn a programming language in less than 10 minutes? Here is how to do it.

  105. How Not To Get Hired

    Some tips for interviews... You're applying for internships or jobs but you really don't want to get hired? Here are some do's.