Casting To Chromecast On Linux

How to cast media files to Chromecast from Linux

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Category: Linux

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Several options exist when it comes to casting media content from Linux to a Chromecast.

Casting the full desktop

You can use Google Chrome (audio is not supported).

Casting from Chrome

Alternatively, you can use Firefox with fx_cast.

Casting a browser tab

Same as above, use Chrome.

Casting a file

Two options:

Should you decide to go with VLC 3.0, please refer to this article about how to install it. Then, open it and go to Preferences. Open the tab 'Video' and set Output to 'X11 video output (XCB)'. Then, try to find your Chromecast in the menu Video > Renderer > Scan. If unsuccessful, close it and run vlc from the command line:

 vlc --sout="#chromecast{ip=192.168.1.X}" myfile.mp4

Make sure you replace the IP with the one allocated to the Chromecast.

Another option is to use castnow:

npm install -g castnow
castnow --address '192.168.1.X' myfile.mp4 --subtitles