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I am a Software Engineer living in Berlin, Germany with a strong interest in front-end development.

Apart from computers, I am an avid cyclist and I love practicing foreign languages (hence me living abroad). Speaking of which, I am fluent in French and English. I used to know some Spanish. I recently picked German up.

I am a huge fan of comic books, The Walking Dead being my all-time favorite. I also read novels, mostly sci-fi. Besides all that, I occasionally play the guitar.

I write blog posts on this very website not only about computer science but also broader topics such as the environment, bikes or travels. There are RSS and Atom feeds that you can subscribe to. I usually write a few times a year. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

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  1. Chargers

    The year is 2023 and chargers have gotten incredibly complex and powerful. As I was browsing the web, trying to get my hands on a good one that would allow me to charge any device, I though it deserved an article and some explanations. USB 1.x, USB 2.x, USB 3.x, USB4 From Wikipedia, these are specifications of "an industry standard that allows...

  2. Running and Pronation

    So I've been a """runner""" for quite some time now and I'm just discovering what pronation is. Apparently most people are pronated, some are supinated, and very few are normal (or neutral). I fall in the first category/neutral, based on the study of the wear of my shoes. Being pronated means that, while standing (not moving), one's foot...

  3. Objectif 75 kg et toucher le sol

    Les choses sont dites : voilà mes 2 objectifs fixés pour cette fin d'année 2023. 4 mois pour les atteindre. De nombreuses heures passées sur Youtube. Cet article en est une synthèse. Je pèse actuellement un peu moins de 80 kg (j'étais à 80 il y a quelques semaines) pour 1m87 et j'ai donc pour objectif d'atteindre 75 kg de manière stable d'ici à...

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