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I am a Software Engineer living in Berlin, Germany. Most of the day you'll find me programming or having fun in a terminal. I am a GNU/Linux user who supports open source.

Apart from computers, I love cycling and practicing foreign languages. I also play the guitar.

I try to read books as often as possible, in English and French, to foster my creativity. I am also a huge fan of comics (The Walking Dead being my favorite).

I write blog posts on this website not only about computer science but also broader topics such as the environment, bikes or travels. There are RSS and Atom feeds that you can subscribe to. I usually write a few times a year. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

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  1. Playing With A Raspberry Pi Camera

    Recently I've been playing with my old Raspberry Pi and a camera module (version 2) I bought a while ago. It turns out the camera is quite powerful and allowed me to create various types of videos or pictures. Here's what I've been able to do. Note 1: In this article, I am using two commands that are meant to take photos or videos, natively...

  2. Bikes And Cycling Gear

    In this article, I maintain a list of good bikes and cycling gear that I am considering buying some day. First, some vocabulary to know about frames: AL or AL usually means an Aluminum frame CF means a Carbon Fiber frame SL means Super Light SLX stands for Super Light Extreme WMN means it meant for women Bikes Famous and commong bike brands...

  3. A Doctoliber's Journey To Berlin

    Originally published on Medium. „Ich bin ein Berliner” — myself. Well, this has been true for the past two months at least. Before that, I lived in Paris for more than two years. It was cool: Paris is an amazing city to live in and there’s so much to see and do. Everything is constantly in motion and busy. Life is intense over there. More...

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I operate by Crocker's Rules. You can contact me on any of the above-mentioned websites, or using the following email address:

Should you decide to reach out on social media, please don't say just hi and don't ask to ask :).