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  1. FTP, VO2 max, MAP, max HR: what are those?

    These are the questions every cyclist asked themself once

  2. Comment monter (rayonner) ses propres roues

    Une vidéo trouvée sur Youtube sur comment rayer une roue de vélo

  3. Living in Germany: Fahrräder und Deutsche Bahn

    Things to know if you intend to carry your dismantled bike on a Deutsche Bahn train

  4. Cycling Events

    Some cycling events I know of, and would like to participate in

  5. Bikes And Cycling Gear

    A list of bikes and cycling gear

  6. Comment repeindre un vélo ?

    Conseils pour repeindre son vélo efficacement

  7. Living In Paris: Nuit Blanche Parisienne 2019

    Un peu de vélo sur le périphérique parisien à l'occasion de la nuit blanche 2019

  8. Living In Paris: La Bible Du Vélotafeur

    Vélo + taf = vélotaf <3

  9. From a second hand regular black bike to a fully customized singlespeed bike

    Customizing my bike

  10. Living In Paris: Riding A Bike In Paris

    I just bought a bike. Here's to a whole new life!