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Living In Paris: Riding A Bike In Paris

I just bought a bike. Here's to a whole new life!

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I recently purchased a second-hand bike from one of my colleagues. By doing so, I intend to commute with it as often as possible and thus reduce metro-induced stress. It's also a good opportunity to save time: exercice while commuting, how great of a combination is that?!

Anyway, the last time I owned a bike was in 2016 when I was living in South Korea. And riding a bike in Paris is a whole lot different from riding one in University campus. Now let's go through the required gear for a pleasant and safe commute:

A very important thing to do is to get one's bike engraved as soon as possible. In case of theft, it increases the likelihood of finding it back. In Paris, BICYCODE takes care of it. You can do it for 10 euros at La Maison du VĂ©lo.

That's it for now.

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