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  1. How To Find Differences Between Two Directories On Linux

    Different ways to diff two folders

  2. Video Editing on Linux

    How to edit videos on Linux

  3. Casting To Chromecast On Linux

    How to cast media files to Chromecast from Linux

  4. How To Reinstall Deleted Packages On Linux

    A few commands to repair and reinstall deleted packages on Linux

  5. VLC 3.0

    How to install VLC 3.0 beta on Debian/Ubuntu

  6. Nginx

    Nginx is cool!

  7. Vim Tricks

    A few tricks for Vim that I have learned over all my years of using this incredible tool.

  8. How To Modify PDF Files

    On to extract/edit/merge pages from one or several PDF files

  9. Using Vim with SSH

    How to edit and compile files on a remote server

  10. Raspberry Pi: The Ultimate Guide

    A complete tutorial about how to create a home server using a Raspberry Pi

  11. Migrating From Xubuntu To Debian

    How to install Debian 8

  12. Copy Pasting In Tmux And Vim

    How to copy and paste with Tmux and Vim

  13. Tips For FFMPEG

    A few tips with FFMPEG

  14. Yes, Privacy Matters

    Regarding privacy, get the right tools and build a powerful computer, with a Linux-based OS

  15. Mastering GNU/Linux

    Everything you have ever wanted to know about GNU/Linux

  16. Hacking

    A handful of useful commands about hacking

  17. Git

    All about Git