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What to do and see in England

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England is so much more than just England. This article sums up my past trips and my advice about what to do or see there.


London is to England what Paris is to France, plus the shittier weather minus all the monuments. It's a brilliant mix of new and old buildings, pop culture and traditions. All in all, here is my advice on what to do in London:

Advice for first-time visitors



A beautiful small city, with a lot of industrial legacy. A couple of interesting stuff to do:


Land of soccer and the Beatles. Great city with plenty of activities. Quite close to Manchester. I remember going to at least two of these three places:

You should definitely check these places out!

The one time I went to Liverpool, I had the chance to attend a soccer match, Liverpool v Everton. What a great experience! The atmosphere was unique, everybody was cheering and acclaiming and drinking!


Not too much to do there but yet quite a nice town, very typical. If you're just passing through, make sure to stop at the Clifton Suspension Bridge, an impresive highly suspended bridge! If you're afraid of heights, pass on that on.

Bristol's most famous bridge

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