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Running and Pronation

Find out about your pronation and get the right shoes

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So I've been a """runner""" for quite some time now and I'm just discovering what pronation is. Apparently most people are pronated, some are supinated, and very few are normal (or neutral). I fall in the first category/neutral, based on the study of the wear of my shoes.

Being pronated means that, while standing (not moving), one's foot naturally leans inward (towards the other leg). Being supinated is the opposite, one's foot leans outward.

This also means that pronated runners tend to have the outmost part of their feet land slightly first when running, then feet roll progressively towards the inside (towards the other leg) until the full body weight is on one foot.

Here are two videos to help you figure out which category you fall in:

These days I'm looking into buying a new pair of shoes. Apparently, Asics' Gel-Kayano model is a popular one among pronated runners, supposedly their top pair of shoes. I'll update this article with some feedback about them if I end up buying them...