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This is a draft article about airlines I got to fly with.

Air France

Kind personel! Usually the crew is very welcoming. Great meals.


They guess when you're thirsty (basically any time I would press the "Fly Attendant Call button"). However, their tablets are slow as fuck. And yet they have the latest movies available. Sleeping masks (very comfortable by the way) and kind of slippers provided for free (economy class). Meals were good. WiFi is expensive (5 USD for 15 minutes). Meals were good and of different kinds.


Really cheap but very little service. I flew once with them, for barely two hours, maybe three.

Air India

Good personel. Great meals.

China Airlines

Great company although I don't remember much about the one time I flew with them.


Small aircrafts, do not expect anything crazy, it is a low cost company. No meals, no Wi-Fi, no tablets.


Same as easyJet.

Virgin America

Paid Wi-Fi (can be bypassed using a VPN, though). Drinks are free.

WOW air

Supposedly a low cost company. They charge everything else though, even my normal sized carry-on bagage. What you get for free is a tiny bag, not bigger than a backpack. No meal included (on a 9 hour flight). No Wi-Fi. No tablets on seats. Even water is paid ($2.99).

One time, we showed up at the airport and the service agent could not find one of our paid hold luggage on our booking: she believed we hadn't paid for one piece, although we had. She had us pay at the desk in order to check in. Several weeks later, it took many emails to and from them to convince them it was an error from her to make us pay. I eventually got refunded.


Pretty much the same as WoW air, although they have tablets. As far as I remember, you don't get any food or drinks for free. I was lucky enough to get on their first flight to New York City. Nice lighting in the cabin right after landing.

Oh, and they offer free WiFi.

Tui Fly

Nice one. On a 9 hour fly from Miami to Paris we got dinner and breakfast, plus sodas for free. Alcoholic drinks were paid. Seats are equipped with tablets and fairly recent movies are available. No free or paid Wi-Fi on board. Quite big aircrafts, mine was a Boeing 787, Dreamliner.


Low-cost spanish company. No free drinks or meals. When I flew with them, the had shortages of food, not everything on the menu was available. No tablets. No wifi. Not much room for the legs. A classic low-cost airline, to sum it up.

TAP Air Portugal

The official portuguese airline? Even on short flights (~2 hours), we had a free meal and a beverage. No tablets on the seats. Not much space for legs.


Owned by Air France, doomed to merge with Air France some time in 2019. I only flied with them to go to Berlin from Paris and back. Each time, I was served a snack or a sandwich with a drink (with or without alcohol) for free. No tablets on seats. One time, I was denied boarding because you know, all airlines do overbooking, and that time I was one of the two lucky guy who checked in at the very last minute. Unfortunately, every expected passenger showed up, so no seat for me. They offered a 175 euro voucher + a night at a nearby Ibis hotel + taxi to and from hotel. I took the next morning flight for free of course but still, a pain in the ass...A