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  1. Supporting Internet Explorer 11 in 2019

    Following the recent publication of A Conspiracy To Kill IE6, we at Doctolib thought we’d in turn unveil our plan to stop supporting not only Internet Explorer 11 but also other outdated desktop…

  2. Workout


  3. From a second hand regular black bike to a fully customized singlespeed bike

    Customizing my bike

  4. Music

    Stuff about music

  5. A Good Manager

    Who I think a good manager should be

  6. Regaining control over frontend

    Doctolib has been growing rapidly over the past 5 years, as has our code base. We have been able to deliver numerous features in a timely manner, but oftentimes at the expense of code legibility and…

  7. Spain

    What I know about Spain

  8. Hope

    Sparkles of hope

  9. Pollution Urbaine

    Divers éléments de vérité sur l'état de l'air que nous respirons, notamment à Paris

  10. Riding A Bike In Paris

    I just bought a bike. Here's to a whole new life!

  11. The Way I Work

    My daily routine to focus and remain productive