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How many reps?

For instance, to build muscle, one should reach muscle failure after 6 to 12 reps.

How many reps to build strength/muscle/endurance
Source: https://www.missionpossiblefitness.com.au/blog/44-method-behind-the-madness-prescribing-rep-ranges/

More on the topic in these videos (in French), from 5'30 on:

And from 4' on:

How many sets?

3-6 sets seems to be recommended quite often for hypertrophy.

How much rest time between sets?

Hard to find reliable data, and it seems there is no consensus. But for hypertrophy, 30-60 seconds is often cited.

Other resources and videos

Below is the last minute of the video above:

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My very own workout plan, from 2016, back when I was in South Korea.