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What I know about Spain

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I know very little about Spain, I only got to visit Barcelona and Madrid. Nonetheless, here's my 2 cents.


Beautiful touristic city. A lot of young French people go there in Summer to party. An hour up North is Lorret De Mar, a smaller city, even bigger on parties.


The capital can be visit in 4 days tops. It's a pretty city but there's not much to see, it's more about the atmosphere, the Spanish way of life, tapas, flamenco, etc. I recommend:

Good to know: taxis are slightly more expensive than Uber. Average price I have seen for Uber from the airport to the city center is 25 euros, whereas I paid 30 euros for a taxi (it's also the maximum price by law).

Also, I searched for hours for a comic book store that sells the latest English comics, I could not find any. I found a few that sold months old English comics though (Red Flack Comics was one of them).

Last but not least, I would advise to visit Madrid in late May, as the weather is perfect, not too hot and not too cold (25 degrees on average in the afternoon), and the crowds of tourists are not there yet.

That's it for now!