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Things To Do In Prague

Ideas for a weekend in Prague

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Prague is a relatively small city, for a capital. But it is gorgeous! The city center is almost exclusively made of pedestrian-only areas, with narrow streets full of live where cobble stones are king. The architecture is beautiful, and the city is overlooked by a castle. A perfect destination in Europe for a couple of days. I went there for just a little over two days, as it's only 4 hours away from Berlin by train. Here is what I recommend.

While you're in Prague, you HAVE to eat a Trdelník (also called Trdlo). It is amazingly good!

Accomodation-wise, I recommend staying in the Hotel Leonardo Prague, it is fairly inexpensive for a 4-star hotel, and perfectly located, close to all the touristy places.

In Prague, you'll find many Nextbike stations and bikes in the city. It's the best way to get around!

Hope this helps. :)