Posts for 2018

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  1. Things To Do In Paris

    The list of things to do in Paris I usually share with friends

  2. How To Find Differences Between Two Directories On Linux

    Different ways to diff two folders

  3. Germany

    What I know about Germany

  4. Portugal

    My advice about Portugal

  5. Damn World

    Everything wrong with this world

  6. On Storing Passwords In A Safe Way

    My journey towards increased security

  7. RxJS

    Cheatsheet for RxJS

  8. Video Editing on Linux

    How to edit videos on Linux

  9. Finland

    Finland, land of lakes and forests

  10. Domain Names

    Where to buy domain names

  11. The Netherlands

    What's so great about the Netherlands

  12. Ruby and Ruby on Rails from scratch

    How to learn Ruby and Rails

  13. Ireland

    My advice about Ireland

  14. Belgium

    What I know about Belgium and my recommendations

  15. The Happy Life

    How to live a happy life

  16. Scary Future

    Technologies that make the future scary

  17. Remote Working

    Resources on remote working

  18. Hiring Interviews

    What to ask during a hiring interview

  19. Disabling Voicemail

    How to disable your voicemail