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Disabling Voicemail

How to disable your voicemail

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In many scenarios, calls are forwarded to your voicemail. You may want to disable it, or re-enable it.

1. You are not picking up the phone (no reply)

2. You are unreachable (plane mode, phone turned off, no connectivity)

3. You are already on the phone (busy)

4. All three conditions above

5. You are free, forward all incoming calls

6. All four conditions above

7. Call waiting: make your phone ring for new incoming phones even if you are alreay on the phone

Complementary information

In France, for mobile network provider 'Free mobile', the voicemail phone number is: 06 95 60 00 11.

More GSM codes here and here.


To call someone anonymously, type: #31#(the number you are calling). To show your identity, type: *31#(the number you are calling).