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  1. Living in Germany: How to buy an apartment in Berlin

    Some tips and tricks about buying real estate in Berlin

  2. Documentaries To Watch

    Educational videos on various topics

  3. I Was Born In 2100

    A Short Essay

  4. Music

    Stuff about music

  5. Hope

    Sparkles of hope

  6. The Happy Life

    How to live a happy life

  7. Disabling Voicemail

    How to disable your voicemail

  8. Living In Paris: Air Purifying Houseplants

    How to purify air using houseplants... or how to pretend you breath purified air.

  9. Millennials

    An inspirational video about millennials

  10. Living In Paris: Looking For An Apartment In Paris

    My advice for apartment seekers in Paris

  11. Emotions

    Weird emotions

  12. Fasting

    Why fasting is good for you

  13. Managing One's Time

    6 laws about time

  14. Living In The USA: Visa, Insurance, SSN, and Taxes

    Everything one needs to know before applying for a visa in the US

  15. Living In The USA: Skiing

    Two days spent skiing in the US!

  16. Living In The USA

    My life in the USA since I moved there in January 2017.

  17. Political Notes

    Thoughts about politics

  18. The Art Of Writing

    How to write reports, CVs, cover letter, the proper way, with the most perfectly suited tool, LaTeX.

  19. Machine Learning And AI

    Resources about machine learning and AI

  20. Android, iOS: What Alternatives?

    What alternatives do we have to Android and iOS? How to install Firefox OS and Ubuntu for devices.

  21. How To Give A Good Presentation

    Some piece of advice about how to give good presentations

  22. I Want To Be A More Efficient Developer

    A few tips for Software Engineers and a brief sum-up about an excellent talk from Quentin Adam