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My advice about Portugal

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I recently went for the first time of my life to Lisbon, Portugal. We stayed in a Airbnb perfectly located in the heart of Lisbon, very close to Avenida Da Liberdade.

It was a great trip. The weather was decent although we had a rainy day. It averaged between 15 and 20°C, quite warm for early November. It very much reminded me of San Francisco, not only because of the identical bridge but also the hills, cable cars and sunny weather.

All in all, most things can you buy are quite cheap, especially food.

When you get to Lisbon, go to the visitor center and buy a 72-hour Lisboa card. It offers a great deal of discounts + free entrances to some places + unlimited public transporation for free. Let's now move on to the things to do...

Transportation means

I highly recommend you ride a Tuk-Tuk, it's fun and cheap. A few are electrical.

However, if you're more into getting old fashionned, ride the 28E tram. Fun guaranteed! It goes throughout the entire city and allow you to see it in no time.

Finally, the three cable cars are also real fun. The ride is short, it takes some time, but it'll help you climb steep hills. The Ascensor da Glória is a nice one, with all the graffiti in the street and on the car itself.


Cristo Rei

A crazy big Jesus monument, just across the water. We went there by boat, and came back by taxi, just for the fun of driving on the famous red bridge.

Once at the monument, climb to the top and enjoy the view over Lisbon. It almost feels like San Francisco up there.


A little far from the city center, I suggest you spend a full day there - that's what I did. Three main places to see: Torre de Belém, Padrão dos Descobrimentos (you can go to the top!) and Jerónimos Monastery. One thing, apparently famous, but overcrowded, is Pasteis de Belém. Never managed to get in though, the line was crazy long.

City center

In a random order:

Parque das Nações

A place quite far from the city center, not as far as Belém though. Many entertaining activities to do there. We rode the telecabine. I wish we had time to go to the observation platform at the top of Torre Vasco da Gama. Also, the Oceanário de Lisboa is supposedly nice.

Different yet interesting on a rainy day is the Centro Vasco da Gama. I bought shoes there. LOL.

Fun facts

Lisbon's only international airport is more of a shopping mall than an actual airport. Once the security checks passed, travellers end up in the middle of dozens of shops, from the luxuary ones to McDonald's and KFC.

That's it! Next time, we'll most likely go to Sintra, as it appears to be a real nice place to see...