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During the last 12 months, I've had the chance to travel quite a lot (The Netherlands, Belgium, UK, US, South Korea, Hong-Kong, Japan). Thanks to these experiences, I have gathered quite a few pieces of advice regarding how to prepare, organization, etc. I'll keep updating this article as I travel.

Before departing

Carry-on: make sure you have a few clothes in the cabin, don't pack everything into the hold luggage.

Make sure you have VLC installed on your Android phone to watch movies and/or TV series. VLC in more convient for that it supports a wider variety of formats and allows one to add subtitles. Also, you should have an offline access to what you intend to watch on your mobile phone or laptop, along with subtitles.

You may want an Internet access. Most airlines will offer Wifi for a few dollars, however if you have a VPN set up somewhere in the world you might be able to access the Internet for free using it. More importantly, even though you decide to pay, you may want to protect your privacy. How so?

Last but not least, take outlet adapters (practically all planes are US outlets compatible). In addition, a USB to AC converter would come very handy, as there are more often USB outlets than AC power plugs. This way you can use a laptop.

Before ending this ending, very few people know that but French citizens can get the taxes they paid back if they miss their flight or if it gets cancelled. Source: Peut-on se faire rembourser les taxes si on rate ou annule son voyage en avion ?

General advice for travelers

Don't get lost

Here are two great Android apps that you can use for free to find routes and points of interests in most cities in the world.

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