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How To Welcome An Intern

Internships are great opportunities to learn. Let's make both parties - the intern and the company - happy by applying a few rules of thumb.

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Sould I ever hire an intern, this is a note to my future self.

I started a new internship two weeks ago and I felt very welcomed. Just like home. My boss made my first few days much more enjoyable than I would have expected, by making my life easy. In a nutshell, I was provided with:

I was introduced to key people soon enough (co-workers mostly) so that on the first day of my internship I already felt comfortable. Likewise, I got to see my workplace before the beginning of my internship.

Finally, I received help and support regarding paperwork and all the stuff I had to do (getting a Social Security Number for instance).

That's it. Of course I am grateful to my boss and would like to thank him. Hopefully, I'll do as well as he did, should I get the chance some day.