Posts for 2017

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  1. Cars

    I fuckingly hate cars

  2. Open Offices

    Open offices are a pain in the ass

  3. Slack

    Slack is evil

  4. A Sedentary Life

    Sitting is the new smoking

  5. Air Purifying Houseplants

    How to purify air using houseplants... or how to pretend you breath purified air.

  6. Millennials

    An inspirational video about millennials

  7. Looking For An Apartment In Paris

    My advice for apartment seekers in Paris

  8. Casting To Chromecast On Linux

    How to cast media files to Chromecast from Linux

  9. How To Reinstall Deleted Packages On Linux

    A few commands to repair and reinstall deleted packages on Linux

  10. VLC 3.0

    How to install VLC 3.0 beta on Debian/Ubuntu

  11. Emotions

    Weird emotions

  12. Fasting

    Why fasting is good for you

  13. A Web Project in 2017

    Random stuff about a project I will probably never carry out

  14. Managing One's Time

    6 laws about time

  15. How To Repair A Laptop Charger

    How I replaced my defective laptop charger

  16. Open Source

    Resources for open source projects

  17. Living In The USA: Visa, Insurance, SSN, and Taxes

    Everything one needs to know before applying for a visa in the US

  18. Nginx

    Nginx is cool!

  19. Living In The USA: Skiing

    Two days spent skiing in the US!

  20. How To Welcome An Intern

    Internships are great opportunities to learn. Let's make both parties - the intern and the company - happy by applying a few rules of thumb.

  21. Favorite Movies

    My all time favorite movies. Or some of them.

  22. My Travel List

    Places I want to visit.

  23. Living In The USA

    My life in the USA since I moved there in January 2017.

  24. Books

    My reading list

  25. Meat and Dairy Products

    A bunch of links in favor of lesser comsumption of meat and dairy products.

  26. Vim Tricks

    A few tricks for Vim that I have learned over all my years of using this incredible tool.

  27. TV Sucks

    What I think of television

  28. Social Media Are Not Worth Your Time

    What I think about most social media

  29. Hong-Kong

    My advice about traveling to Hong-Kong

  30. England

    What to do and see in England

  31. The USA

    My advice about the USA

  32. Political Notes

    Thoughts about politics

  33. Airlines

    Recommendations and advice for travelers

  34. Architectures

    A bunch of resources about architectures

  35. Japan

    My trip to Japan