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  1. How to resize an encrypted SWAP partition (LVM)

    A few commands to resize a SWAP partition

  2. Docker

    My cheatsheet for Docker

  3. FTP, VO2 max, MAP, max HR: what are those?

    These are the questions every cyclist asked themself once

  4. Living in Germany: From Berlin to Brocken Over a Weekend

    Tips for cyclists willing to go to Brocken in the Harz from Berlin

  5. Plantar Fasciitis

    Yay, another injury after too much runnning. Let's see how I heal this time...

  6. Living in Germany: How to buy an apartment in Berlin

    Some tips and tricks about buying real estate in Berlin

  7. Comment monter (rayonner) ses propres roues

    Une vidéo trouvée sur Youtube sur comment rayer une roue de vélo

  8. Documentaries To Watch

    Educational videos on various topics

  9. Gas Stoves suck

    Fuck "Cooking with Gas"