Posts for 2021

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  1. Keys to efficient i18n

    2021 marked a big milestone for the Doctolib engineering teams. Our 8-year-old codebase and products finally switched from French to…

  2. Things To Do In Prague

    Ideas for a weekend in Prague

  3. Climate Change

    Resources on climate change

  4. Living in Germany: Things To Do In Berlin

    The ultimate travel guide for Berlin

  5. Est-ce que je vais me faire vacciner ?

    Une vidéo sur pourquoi il n'y a aucune raison de ne pas se faire vacciner

  6. Shin Splints

    I got that... and healed. Here is the truth about my healing... haha!

  7. Waving Goodbye to Internet Explorer 11 in 2021

    Two years ago, we published “Supporting Internet Explorer 11 in 2019”. This year, we are bidding farewell to it. But hold on a minute! What happened between then and now? Let me tell you the story of a difficult break up between Doctolib and Internet Explorer…

  8. Living in Germany: Fahrräder und Deutsche Bahn

    Things to know if you intend to carry your dismantled bike on a Deutsche Bahn train

  9. Cycling Events

    Some cycling events I know of, and would like to participate in

  10. Raspberry Pi and SSD

    Resources on Raspberry Pis and SSDs