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How Not To Get Hired

Some tips for interviews... You're applying for internships or jobs but you really don't want to get hired? Here are some do's.

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Recently, since I was looking for a 6-month internship in software development, I applied to many US companies. As I really wanted not to get hired, I stricly followed some basic mistakes in order to succeed... Of course I'm joking! The following are some things I did... that you should avoid.

Put your photo on your resume

Everyone knows, adding your photo on your resume is a really good thing. The recruiter will be pleased to see your lovely face.

(phone rings)
- Hello?
- ...

The phone interview looked like something like that. Avoid it.

Ask to be reached on a different phone number than the one on your resume

Adding your mobile phone number on your resume might be a good idea since it enables you to be reached wherever you are. But for international calls, the audio quality gets a bit worse than with a landline phone. That's why I gently asked, by email, to be reached on my landline phone. The recruiter totally ignored it, called me on my cell phone and got very angry with me when I said that I would prefer my landline phone. However, he called back a minute later the correct number.

Don't know the algorithms you wrote

Sometimes, recruites merely send you a text file with lots of technical questions, such as algorithms to write, code to fix, etc. Then, when it comes to face to face interview, the recruiter is very likely to ask you to prove your algorithms. It can be about:

Don't sleep enough the previous night

So that you'll seem so tired that you won't impress anyone. And worse, you won't be able to think, your brain will be so slow that you'll get confused at every sentence you'll hear.

“ We won't move forward with your candidacy ”

Congratulations! If you ever received this, that means that you carefully followed every point in this article.

Good luck!

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