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The TV series I watch

Some of the best TV series in the last decade

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The past decade offered us a bunch of high-quality TV series. Here are my favorite ones (not sorted).

Shows still running

Game of Thrones

Quite obvious, right?

Altered Carbon

New stuff from Netflix, looks rad!


It tells the story of Pablo Escobar. Produced by Netflix, 4 seasons.

Black Mirror

An interesting analyze of our modern society.

Silicon Valley

A hilarious sitcom about a group of geeks founding a startup company. Extremely funny!


A very promising new TV series about AI.

The Walking Dead

A post-apocalyptic TV show, featuring... zombies! The scenario, based on the comic book series of the same name, is pretty good. By the way, if you have the opportunity, read them all!

Fear The Walking Dead

Prequel to The Walking Dead! Seems really interesting so far...


An Irish-Canadian historical drama television series. Everything goes fast, which is quite appreciable, compared to Game of Thrones, where some episodes are less interesting than others.

Better Call Saul

A spin-off of Breaking Bad: same ambiance, a must-see!

Mr. Robot

One of the best TV shows! About hacking, cyber security, democracy, and so on.

Stranger Things

A great TV series produced by Netflix!

Ended or Canceled TV series

Breaking Bad

BEST TV SHOW EVER! They have won so many awards... According to Wikipedia, "the show has won 110 industry awards and been nominated for 262".


Another post-apocalyptic science fiction TV series where there is no electricity, after a worldwide blackout.

Halt and Catch Fire

About the personal computer revolution in the 80's. The show ended in 2017.

Sun Records


La Casa de Papel

New TV series from Netflix. Pretty cool!

TV shows I dropped