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  1. Plantar Fasciitis

    Yay, another injury after too much runnning. Let's see how I heal this time...

  2. Est-ce que je vais me faire vacciner ?

    Une vidéo sur pourquoi il n'y a aucune raison de ne pas se faire vacciner

  3. Shin Splints

    I got that... and healed. Here is the truth about my healing... haha!

  4. Living in Germany: A Doctoliber's Journey To Berlin

    About my professional relocation

  5. Living in Germany: Moving To Berlin

    Everything one has to go through when relocating to Berlin -- alternatve title: All the shit I went trough

  6. Workout


  7. The Way I Work

    My daily routine to focus and remain productive

  8. Favorite Movies

    My all time favorite movies. Or some of them.

  9. My Travel List

    Places I want to visit.

  10. Books

    Books I have read

  11. My RSS Subscriptions

    The RSS feeds I subscribed to.

  12. Fixing My Life

    How I fixed my life

  13. My Dream Laptop

    The specs of my dream laptop

  14. The TV series I watch

    Some of the best TV series in the last decade