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Fixing My Life

How I fixed my life

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I have spent the last few months trying to "fix my life". To put it differently, I tried to identify what was wrong and how I could improve my life in general. Although in good shape and healthy, I wanted to be more energetic. Likewise, I had a few bad habits that I wanted to get rid of. Let's go through them:





Furthermore, I also started learning about topics that are not related to my skills whatsoever, such as politics, the environment, green energies, etc. I would recommend these videos as a good starting point:

Moreover, I recently found that interesting article which suggests "A 23-Minute Morning Ritual That Will Transform Your Whole Day". I am still working on it... Essentially, it gives 5 things to do in the morning:

  1. Write down three acts of gratitude (2 minutes)
  2. Journal one positive experience you've had during the past 24 hours (2 minutes)
  3. Exercise (15 minutes)
  4. Meditation (2 minutes)
  5. Express kindness through a text or email (2 minutes)

Last but not least, here are my New Year's Resolutions for 2017:

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UPDATE: 2023-10-01

I was just randomly scrolling through past articles on my blog when I stumbled upon this one. I thought this deserved an update, 6 years later! Let's go through all the bullet points I had listed back then and try to see what happened with each.

Let's check out my New Year's Resolutions for 2017:

Ha ha that was funny, looking back at the old me from 2016 and my life goals. What would I add today? Probably more stretching, more weight lifting, at least more frequently. Going to bed earlier, rising earlier? And more German of course! Meet me here in a few years for an update. 😉