Twitter, we are breaking up

After 11.5 years spent on Twitter, it's time to move on

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A screenshot of my last tweet on Twitter
My very last tweet on Twitter.

Yeah that was a fun ride. 11.5 years spent on that platform. First I talked with real life friends. Then I started studying programming and quickly met like-minded people there, sharing tips, news, talking about Android, Web development... Back then I was also a big fan of Google. Then came the internationalization years, when I started interacting with non French-speakers in English and widened my reach. SpaceX, Tesla, and other new topics caught my attention. Finally I got into cycling communities, initially when living in Paris (posting videos of car drivers doing random shit). Then I moved to Berlin and my engagement came to a sudden stop, I was mostly reading and sometimes retweeting but not actively tweeting. My interest dropped at that time and shifted to different IRL activities. Then Elon Musk bought Twitter, a lot of crazy shit happened, many people left, being a verified user stopped having any sort of meaning (except that you were a paying user). And I got fed up. I'm done caring about what everyone has to say. I don't think it's very healthy anyway. There are too many weirdos out there, now with Twitter they get a voice and can spread their hatred broadly. So fuck it, I'm out!

A screenshot of my Twitter profile
My profile on Twitter

And my number of followers never took off anyway... HAHAHA

I might keep the account and not delete it, just so that my handle does not get stolen. But I already emptied it of any content.