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  1. Gas Stoves suck

    Fuck "Cooking with Gas"

  2. Climate Change

    Resources on climate change

  3. Le Bon Sens

    Ce que je pense du bon sens

  4. Pollution Urbaine

    Divers éléments de vérité sur l'état de l'air que nous respirons, notamment à Paris

  5. Damn World

    Everything wrong with this world

  6. Scary Future

    Technologies that make the future scary

  7. Remote Working

    Resources on remote working

  8. Open Offices

    Open offices are a pain in the ass

  9. Slack

    Slack is evil

  10. A Sedentary Life

    Sitting is the new smoking

  11. Meat and Dairy Products

    A bunch of links in favor of lesser comsumption of meat and dairy products.

  12. TV Sucks

    What I think of television

  13. Social Media Are Not Worth Your Time

    What I think about most social media

  14. Google Independence

    Resources to be Google-independent