Posts for 2023

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  1. Life Hacks: a collection of links

    Some links on life hacks

  2. Chargers

    Everything you ever wanted to know about chargers

  3. Running and Pronation

    Find out about your pronation and get the right shoes

  4. Objectif 75 kg et toucher le sol

    Nouveaux objectifs pour cette fin d'année 2023

  5. Cycling and Being Vegetarian

    Because nutrition is complex, here's an article about basics and a couple of recipes

  6. Creating GPX overlay videos on Linux

    A tutorial about adding GPX data on top of videos (speed, heart rate, etc)

  7. Common Problems With Bikes

    Common problems and usual solutions

  8. Twitter, we are breaking up

    After 11.5 years spent on Twitter, it's time to move on

  9. Motorizing an IKEA Skarsta Standing Desk

    Tutorial about how I motorized my IKEA Starska standing desk

  10. Raspberry Pi NoIR camera module and IR LEDs

    Seeing in the dark with the Raspberry Pi camera modules and some infrared LEDs

  11. SUVs

    Facts on SUVs

  12. France vs Germany

    What each country does better than the other