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The Ultimate Sports Video

My tips to make the best sports video

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I'm on a mission. A quest. A quest to make great sports videos.

I watch Youtube a lot. Too much. Loads of ski and bike videos. And very often, I stumble upon videos which leave me speechless. Well edited, nice shots, action-oriented, upbeat music, you name it.

Recently, it was these three:

So I thought I'd just start collecting ideas about what makes a great video, great!

Ski videos

Here my conclusion is that it all depends on the music. I would recommend to pick the music before starting any editing. I find songs of alternating fast phases and slow phases the best, as you can sort of tell a story. When the rythm is fast and energetic, you can cram in as much action as you want. When it's more relaxed, it's easy to switch to contemplative scenes, landscapes, etc. Here is a music creator on Youtube, who makes great background music for sports-oriented videos. Here's another channel.

Regarding the shots now.

Cycling videos

So far, I have not given these types of videos much thought. I'll make sure to come back here and update this article when I do so.

Oh and by the way... Here's my latest attempt at making a cool video 😎: