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  1. A Web Project in 2017

    Random stuff about a project I will probably never carry out

  2. Open Source

    Resources for open source projects

  3. Architectures

    A bunch of resources about architectures

  4. React

    A quick introduction to React.js

  5. Carrying Out A Web Project

    Resources for web projects

  6. Embracing Java

    Java is cool! Here are some useful resources.

  7. Developing For Android

    Resources for Android development

  8. Introduction To Functional Programming

    What is functional programming, some resources and how to start painlessly

  9. JavaScript

    Why Javascript is the new hotness

  10. Documentation

    Resources related to documentation

  11. Designing An Efficient REST API

    How to write beautiful and efficient REST APIs

  12. Continuous Integration

    Why you should embrace continuous integration and how

  13. (Re)Learn A Programming Language Quickly

    Need to (re)learn a programming language in less than 10 minutes? Here is how to do it.